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Perton Ehitus OÜ has been operating in the construction and development market since its foundation in 2006. We specialise in the restoration of buildings with cultural and historical value, and we are also engaged in the construction of new residential buildings.

The National Heritage Board has issued Perton Ehitus OÜ with an activity licence for work with architectural monuments. We restore the historical look of buildings and equip them with new, convenient and economical technical utility systems. By applying today’s engineering technical knowledge, we can increase energy efficiency considerably, thereby reducing heating costs for homeowners.

Carrying out restoration works requires an extensive knowledge base, experience and expert engineers in order to combine modern technical solutions in the restoration process with historically used materials and building techniques. Our professional quality was recognised in 2012 when we received a letter of appreciation from the Tallinn Culture and Heritage Department for renovating the Wismari 47 apartment building.

Creditinfo Eesti  AS declared Perton Ehitus OÜ a Successful Estonian Enterprise in 2013 and 2014. Our work ethic and smart financial conduct are also verified by the Credit Rating “A” (good) that has been awarded to Perton Ehitus OÜ. In 2014, Äripäev AS recognised the work of Perton Ehitus OÜ with the “Estonian Gazelle Enterprise 2015” diploma.

Perton Ehitus OÜ is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia. For more information on our construction and development works, please visit


Works done

  • A modern funchouse at the edge of Kadriorg

    A new home in a special house with high-quality internal finishing. Two-four roomed apartments, with the larger ones equipped with a terrace or balcony. Storage rooms, in-built wardrobes, video security system, LED screen, fibre optic cable and garage.  

  • A unique semi-detached house in the city centre

    A unique semi-detached house with a garden in the city centre. Peaceful privacy can also be enjoyed in the centre of Tallinn! A comfortable family home in a semi-detached house in the city centre. The house has triple-glazed windows in order to ensure peace, quiet and security.

  • Tina 26 – Art Nouveau villa in city centre

    Multiple-paned windows, round and polygonal bays, high mansard second floor, and majestic stairs in front of the main door lend the building a timelessly idyllic appearance. The interiors have been largely preserved in detailed and pure style. The house is an architectural monument and many historical objects have been restored in the apartments (windows, doors, fireplaces and heaters, floor covering, etc.). The construction and restoration works were performed in accordance with special heritage conservation requirements. 

  • A home in the greenery of Kassisaba

    All the buildings were both internally and externally fully restored. Interior solutions were inspired by the historical architecture of the buildings. The wooden windows of the houses open both inwards and outwards (the internal one is double-glazed). As is common in Kassisaba, the houses have a spacious inner yard, partly surrounded by historic limestone walls and a wooden lace fence. 

  • Luise 27/1 (2014)

    A house with rich wood decor in the greenery of Kassisaba dictrict. The wooden house was reconstructed together with two other houses, which helped to create a union of similarly harmonic homes. The house with its blue facade fits perfectly into the surroundigs of suburbian street from the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The closed patio offers plenty of greenery, parking space and a children’s play area.

  • An exclusive home in Kadriorg

    According to a 1920s planning project, Alle Street was mainly built with two and three storey villas and apartment buildings with stone stairwells. The buildings of this little street have been well preserved and form an integral whole.

  • A cherry garden home in Kalamaja

    In restoring the second stage of a cherry-garden home in Kalamaja – the yard and residential house at Soo 19 – we followed the historical look of the building and used constructional solutions suitable for the environmentally valuable region. The upper part of the building is made of beams and the building has wooden ceilings. In the course of renovation, the house has been fitted with wooden windows that open outwards – similar to the ones originally installed 110 years ago. The southern side faces a large lawn garden with an orchard and a children’s play corner.

  • A cherry garden home in Kalamaja

    In restoring the residential building at Soo 17/Vana-Kalamaja 27, we followed the historical look of the building and use construction solutions that were suitable for the environmentally valuable region. The building has a stone stairwell and wooden ceilings and internal walls. The windows are wooden and open outwards – similar to the ones originally installed 110 years ago. Wooden floorboards and cornices have been preserved in the corridors. 

  • An apple garden home in – Tööstuse 29

    The building has been fully reconstructed in line with the original look of the house 100 years ago. Historical ornamental strips, decorative wooden window lace, consoles, rafter ends – all have been restored. The façade window of the top floor and the original external doors were also restored. The basement floor has been used as a dwelling space since construction, and therefore has 2.5 metre high ceilings.

  • Tööstuse 29 – A cosy home in Kalamaja

    The Tööstuse 29 apartment building in the heart of Kalamaja was built at the beginning of the previous century. House I has 8 apartments of various sizes and layouts. The house was renovated as a whole, in line with its original appearance. The Lender house still has its historical doors, and the ornamental rafter ends, cornices, decorative wooden window lace, the round façade window, etc. were restored and re-used.

  • A historical home in environmentally valuable Kalamaja

    House I at Tööstuse 4 is a fully renovated apartment building in Kalamaja. The façade of the three-storey building has been fully restored to its original form. The original inner yard of the house has been skilfully used as the development area for a modern building.

  • A modern building in a historical environment

    House II at Tööstuse 4 is a building with a modern architectural design located in the environmentally valuable historical environment of Kalamaja. The large windows and French balconies lend a slightly classical air to the generally modern building.

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